Delicious Flavors

We can make all your favorite flavors and we pride ourselves on our unique specialty items . We will always have our crowd favorites but menu items will change with new surprise flavors each week!


If you have a request for a certain flavor, just let us know. Email us or follow us in social media, and we can certainly make it happen!


***** Flavors served will be based on demand and availability. 

Specialty Flavors Description
Cajun Red Hot Hot, Cinnamon flavor. Tastes like “Red Hot Candies”.
Cake Batter True Yellow Cake Batter flavor, for those who cant get enough of that sweet taste! Can be topped with whipped cream and sprinkles
Chocolate Doberge Cake Rich chocolate cake taste with buttercream and ganach icings. Can be topped with cream and chocolate drizzle
Daiquiri Great Blend of citrus and rum flavors. Formulated to be mixed with other flavors to make flavored Daiquiri (non-alcoholic, just flavor)
King cake A unique blend of cake flavoring, rum, butter, and pure vanilla extract to taste like traditional Mardi Gras King Cake in a cup! Can ne topped with whipped cream and sprinkles
Nerds A mixture of grape, banana, and strawberry, with clusters of nerds mixed in for added fun, texture
New Orleans Hurricane Rum base with berries. Like the original Hurricane cocktail (non-alcoholic)
Strawberry Cheesecake The unbelievable real cheesecake flavor. Can ne stuffed with real cheesecake and topped with cream and strawberry sauce
S'Mores The taste of real toasted marshmallow and chocolate.
Wedding Cake and Cream That unique taste of a real Wedding Cake Slice. Can add condensed milk for a sweet creamy taste.
Butterbeer For all Harry Potter fans! Flavor will sure take you to Diagon Alley.
Crowd Favorite
Banana Robust, full banana flavor (add cream for rich, creamy taste)
Blue Cotton Candy Cotton Candy flavor in a baby blue color
Blue Rasberry Like rasberry, but with more "razz" and a bold blue color
Bubble Gum Original New Orleans Bubble Gum Flavor, bubble gum taste
Cherry Fruity, full cherry taste, medium dark in color
Chocolate Real Milk Chocolate Flavor
Clear Cherry Cherry with no added color
Clear Bubble Gum Bubble Gum with no added color
Cotton Candy Vanilla base with a sweet, “sugar spun” Cotton Candy flavor.
Dreamsicle Tastes like an Orange push-up ice cream bar. Creamy and smooth taste. (add cream for extra rich flavor)
Granny Smith Apple Granny Smith Apple Green VERY TART Apple taste. Some also call this Sour Apple or Green Apple.
Grape REAL, true Grape taste with a true Grape tartness. 
Ice Cream Yellow color with a creamy rich vanilla ice cream flavor
Lemonade Fresh-squeezed, true Lemonade taste
Pina Colada Just like a real Pina Colada from a bartender’s blender. Made with cane Rum flavor for a true taste. Mix with other flavors to make flavored Coladas.
Pineapple Like freshly sliced Pineapples.
Pink Bubblegum Pink flavored bubble gum taste, the kids love it, Who Doesn't love Pink!
Strawberry Like a fresh tasting strawberry, one of the most popular flavors!
Tiger’s Blood Fresh Fruit Berries with a hint of coconut! Delicious-Red color
Watermelon Just like biting into a ripe Watermelon, but with no seeds to fight.
Wedding Cake Has that unique taste that only a slice of Real Wedding Cake has.
Lemon-Lime Refreshing lemon-lime flavor that is sure to quench you cravings.

Sno-Lite or Sugar Free, also available on selected flavors

Whipped Cream
Condensed Milk
Chocolate drizzle