Our family is originally from New Orleans. Marc grew up and spent most of his years in New Orleans and neighboring cities. He has extensive knowledge in how to cook many New Orleans style dishes and is a major fan of New Orleans flavored Snoballs. He grew up enjoying these delicious treats all season long as a kid. Marc met his wife in Orlando, Florida shortly after Hurricane Katrina. They relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and lived there for 10 years while Marc finished PT school. Marie is a RN by day and an expert snoball maker by night. Their desire was to bring the delicious flavors of New Orleans that Marc grew up on and Marie learned to love to their new home state of Colorado. While Marie was pregnant with her first child, she made Marc get her a New Orleans  flavored Snoball every day, which is why they believe that this child has the largest sweet tooth imaginable. They believe these flavors and specialty items cannot be beat!  They waited years to be able to finally start a snoball business, and with that long wait they created Hail N.O. Snoball .

If you say it right it is a play on words. If you say it with a “southern accent” It sounds a lot different than spelled (sort of even devilish, since our Snoballs are devilishly delicious). Also, the N.O. Is a play on the word "No" and "New Orleans"

Say it with us  ...

Hail N.O. Snoballs!

Let's  Geaux!