We are a family owned, mobile food trailer designed to bring delicious New Orleans Flavored Snoballs to you!


It is our greatest joy to serve Colorado one of New Orleans' favorite treats.


New Orleans Style Snoballs is not your ordinary shaved ice and there is nothing like it. Our premium flavors and perfectly smooth, snow like shaved ice is what makes us unique.


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A snowball is a customizable sweet treat made with a mound of fluffy shaved ice, flavored with sweet syrups and topped or stuffed with a number of mix-ins and add-ons. 

Flavors range from stand to stand, but there’s typically an extensive selection to choose from. From fruity flavors to creamy creations, the choice is yours! Standard flavors like strawberry, wedding cake, blue raspberry and others can be found at just about any stand. Unique flavors like bananas foster, daquiri, king cake and others can be found at select shops across the city. Some shops use local produce, like satsumas, to fresh, only-in-New Orleans flavors. Combine syrups like strawberry short cake and chocolate to make your own signature snowball. 

Don’t forget the add-ons like the local favorite condensed milk drizzle, ice cream-stuffed, cheesecake stuffed or gummy bear infused. 




The New Orleans tradition dates back to the 1930s when locals George Ortolano and Ernest Hansen used the first ice-shaving machines. They were invented separately but seemingly simultaneously. Since then, New Orleanians and visitors alike have been enjoying the fruits of Ortolano and Hansen's labor. Today, snowball stands and shops can be found in just about every neighborhood of New Orleans offering traditional snowballs and even a number of twisted creations. Hail N.O. Snoballs is bringing New Orleans to you!